Gregor Weichbrodt writes text that writes texts. The texts can be found on the Internet, where every few hours a new text is created. Or in books, that are published at Frohmann-Verlag.

In spring 2015, Weichbrodt completed his studies in communication design at the HTW Berlin, where he wrote a bachelor thesis on the topic of Uncreative Writing. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Art in Context at the UdK Berlin.

His works include a transcription of Germany's next top model in the form of a Reclam drama or On the Road, a 55-page route instruction for Jack Kerouac's self-discovery trip. In fall 2014, together with Hannes Bajohr, he founded the text collective 0x0a for conceptual, digital literature.

In addition, he holds workshops and lectures on the topic of Uncreative Writing and works as a frontend developer and graphic designer.